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Utilize data and research, never guesswork.

Discover emerging markets with the latest revenue data.

Unlike humans, the STR Insights engine never rests. It regularly updates actionable data for our clients.

Decide based on facts, never rumors or intuition.

Don’t guess at what the market wants, know it. Understand what's selling, through selective ROI data.

Compare ROI from different markets with confidence.

Explore your top markets and compare them against each other. We'll show you what's performing best.

Take actions to change your strategy in real-time.

Utilize data to change course as needed. Stay ahead of the curve and never find yourself behind the 8-ball.

Research based on types of vacation destination

Simultaneously understand the ROI that beachfront bungalows or ski lodges in different states are delivering.


All the data you need, one place to get it.

The STR Insights dashboard is the place to learn everything you need to know for your next short-term rental property.

Filter, sort, and compare on a single platform. Our dashboard sources data from the major vacation-rental property providers and organizes it for STR Insights users to save time and energy. Neatly organize your research to get accurate property values and revenue potential for the next addition to your vacation real estate portfolio.

Maximize ROI with customizable,detailed reports on properties broken down by bedroom count, revenue performance, and current vacation-rental property values.

Simple, single-location property research.

Valuation data sourced  from Airbnb, Vrbo, and other platforms.

Build and save multiple portfolios for different strategies.


Market profiles that create confidence.

The STR Insights market profile takes the guesswork out of choosing your next vacation rental property.

Understand how active short-term rental properties are performing within the same market, compare markets as a whole, or even compare properties by destination type. Select variables like bedroom count, market size, and revenue percentile to get the best possible information to make the best possible decision.

A clean interface, geomapping, and easy links to property specs allow investors to see pictures and get a complete understanding of the property's value. It's more than simply numbers, this is cohesive information that gives confidence.

Give yourself a competitive advantage in your next purchase.

Interactive maps displaying active rentals

Compare between different markets and destinations

Filter between bedroom count and revenue percentile performance

Reliable information lies at the heart of every sound strategy.

How we generate our estimates:

At STR Insights, we take the numbers seriously because we know you're counting on us to get them right.

So how do we determine the numbers we share with you? First, we pull data from the top vacation rental providers like Vrbo and Airbnb. We  look at the current pricing, occupancy rates and trends over the last 12 months. That information is used to calculate estimated property values and projected revenues.

That's not enough to be sure, so we then cross reference our calculations with information from companies like Attom and other real estate data providers to make sure that everything lines up.

We understand that this information matters a great deal, and we take great pride in going to every length to ensure our estimates are as accurate as possible.

Fully integrated systems to save time and frustration.

Data is updated automatically in your account

Work seamlessly from all devices.

Supercharge your workflow

Establish roles and responsibilities for reviewers, analysts and marketers. Create synergy between different departments and demolish the bottlenecks that can limit productivity.

Save 12+ hours/week

Get great exposure with even the most niche audiences, without doing any manual calculations.


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A 360 degree view of all my projects.
STR Insights takes the guesswork out of pinpointing your next deal!
Sarah Karakaian
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An absolute game-changer!
STR Insights shortcuts the process of finding the BEST location(s) that fit your investment goals.
Stacey St John
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3x conversions
This software is a game changer and essential in locating the best ROI properties for short term rental
Julie George
Million Dollar Host
A 360 degree view of all my projects.
Well, I'm headed to a new market this weekend to look at a property I found through using STR insights. I pulled my interest out of others that didn't seem profitable.
Kim Fitzpatrick
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GAME CHANGER for all investors
STR Insights has fundamentally changed the process of identifying the most profitable properties currently available nationwide. This is a GAME CHANGER for all investors like myself.
Bill Faeth
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  • Discover the top markets across the entire United States that best fit your criteria.
  • Identify the gross ROI for each market by destination type.
  • Compare vacation rental housing prices in every market.
  • Analyze revenue of existing properties and access their listing links.


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