Asked Questions

What data do I get access to in the tool if I subscribe?

This is the first vacation rental data platform that does not require you to input an address or particular market you want to search. We assume you have no idea where to search so we give you access to EVERYTHING. That’s right. You have access to the revenue, occupancy, average daily rates (adr), property values, destination types, individual property revenue metrics and their listing links, and estimated Return On Investments of almost 13,000 markets! You can compare and contrast current markets based on your personal investment strategies and budget so you can locate the top markets with the best ROI. We do this by allowing you to input your personal preferences first and then showing your top markets. You can then dive into the bedroom counts to find the optimal performing bedroom count in each market. 

Where does the data come from?

Definitely not from a genie. We source our revenue, occupancy rates, and average daily rates from Airbnb and VRBO. We source our valuation data from taking the addresses of active vacation rentals in every market and using a 3rd party resource to provide property values as of today for each property. The revenue metrics are checked weekly and the property values are checked monthly.

Is there a free trial or demo I can access?

Yes! At the top of the page, select the 'Demo' link and you'll be able to see what our tool looks like and how it can help you. We do have a tutorial video that will walk you through how to use the tool and become a STR market finding rockstar in under 4 minutes! You can view the link to the demo below.

I don’t see my city/town/neighborhood. Do you not have it?

Potentially. I know that’s not the answer you are specifically looking for but remember, we are mapping markets based on where Airbnb and VRBO identifies them and not by physical addresses. This means that there is a high chance that the city/town/neighborhood you are searching for will be listed under a nearby city or town. Check nearby areas to see if your target area is covered. If it isn’t please contact and we’ll quickly investigate.

Why does the valuation data not match what I see on the MLS?

The valuation data is not calculated from what is currently available or on the market in the MLS. Valuation data is the current value of active vacation rental properties. If inventory is low or prices are over or under valuing properties on the MLS then our numbers will not match. Remember that our valuation data is based on active short term rentals not residential homes. Furthermore, prices on the MLS based on proximity can widely vary and our tool is representing the average.

How are the destination types determined?

Destination types are determined by a computer scanning all of the markets across the country for their specific destination types. Sometimes beaches could be on lakes for example the Great Lakes or a market that is labeled a mountain market has large hills instead of defining mountains. The true definition of a beach market or a mountain market may vary from person to person based on what they know. A computer is very literal and only uses logic to define each destination type. The purpose of destination types is to help users understand the characteristics of a market beyond data.

What does the revenue percentile mean?

The revenue percentile metric is based on how well properties perform given the revenue range. In STR Insights, you can toggle between percentiles on a market, bedroom count, or individual property level. When you toggle those percentiles, we either average or show the data from properties in that revenue percentile and above.

What do the different regulation categories mean?

All market regulation is subject to change. Please consult with a professional realtor that is familiar with the market AND you should verify independently before purchasing. STR Insights is not responsible for any investment decisions made by its users.There are 5 regulation categories.
  • Little to none - Short-term rentals have little to no restrictions in this market. There are no confirmed neighborhood, city or county restrictions on short term rentals. Please verify independently.
  • Moderate - Short-term rentals are moderately regulated in this market. Some neighborhoods, cities or counties may limit or restrict the number of rentals.
  • Heavy - Short-term rentals are heavily regulated in this market and may only be allowed in certain zones, areas, or property types for absentee owners.
  • Restricted - This market does not allow short term rentals in residential zone areas for absentee owners. You cannot own or operate a vacation rental in this entire market.
  • Unknown - We do not have enough data or information to feel confident in categorizing the regulation for this market. Please contact a professional before purchasing.

How do I use the Comparison Report feature?

The comparison report feature allows you to compare either markets or bedroom counts from the dashboard. You can select or deselect the markets or bedroom counts to compare by selecting the plus or minus signs next to each market or bedroom count in the dashboard. This feature is especially valuable when you are using multiple searches to find the market.

Can I use this tool to determine revenue of properties?

Absolutely! We do this for ourselves on a daily basis. We use the map feature in the Market Profile page to find comparable properties near the target property we are analyzing. We then use their revenue of the last 12 months to help us predict a yearly revenue figure for the property in question. We have found the strategy to be more effective than using free online calculators. Here’s a walkthrough of us using the strategy.

Can I cancel or pause my subscription?

Whether you bought a property or are no longer interested in investing in short term rentals, we get it. You can cancel your membership at any time without it auto-renewing. Go to Manage Subscription in the menu to the left of the dashboard and you’ll be able to change your subscription.

I’m a realtor and interested in partnering. Where can I go?

We are thrilled that you are interested in partnering with us at STR Insights! Head over to the Resources tab and select Partnerships to learn about the details of our partnership program. You will be able to contact us through the page and we will reach out to you to discuss your expertise and areas of interest.